Diploma In GST Accounting in Tally.ERP9 & Advance EXCEL.


Accounting on Tally.ERP9.
Company Creation.
Understand F11 Company Features in detail.
F1 Accounting Features.
F2 Inventory Features.
F3 Statutory and Taxation Features.
Maters Creations.
Creation of New Voucher Types.
Cash Receipt Voucher.
Contra Voucher.
Payment Voucher.
Receipt Voucher.
Sales Voucher.

Purchase Voucher.
View Basic Reports in Tally .ERP9.
Day Book.
Trial Balance.
Profit & Loss Account.
Balance Sheet.
Ledger Statement.
Sales Register.
Purchase Register.
Creation of GST Voucher Types.
GST Ledger Creations.
GST Classification.
Independent GST Classification.
Company Level GST Classification.

Accounting Group level GST Classification.
Accounting Ledger level GST Classification.
Stock Group level GST Classification.
Stock Item level GST Classification.
Creating Units of Measurement.
Hierarchy of GST Classification setup in Tally .ERP9.
Creation of GST ledgers.
Creating duties and Taxes ledger.
Creating Party ledgers for GST accounting.

Syllabus Under Excel:

Business Formulas and Functions.
Filter and Advance Filter.
Filter using criteria.
Wild card and Filter.
Application of Sorting in Advanced form.
Lookup Functions.

VLookup, HLookup.
Nested Lookup.
Logical Functions.
“If” Statement, Nested “IF” Statement. AND, OR.
Pivot Tables and Charts,
MIS Report,
Programming In EXCEL.


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