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The Technicality

Anomalous expansion is observed in case of water. It condenses to the temperature of 4 Degrees and then again starts expanding, unlike most substances which would keep condensing as the temperature goes down. So interestingly, water has its highest density at 4 Degrees C. And that happens to be 1000 KG/cubic meter or 1 gm / CC. That being said, the relative density of any substance is the ratio of its density to the density of pure water at 4 Degrees, the reason being the unique numeral 1.
The reason 4 Degrees is a wonderful brand story is not because the number spells water, but its connotations in context of water. Right in the school, a child is taught about this property of water under the head, anomalous expansion of water. It is reiterated several times through explanations in different classes.

Do we expect the target audience (a mixed populace from the Karnataka heartland) to connect with such technical rationale? The answer is an emphatic no. What in fact we expect is, 4 Degrees will break clutter visually, and would appeal to the intelligence of a common man. The roman numeral 4 is more of an universally recognizable forms. From Belgaum to Rome to Toronto, its understanding doesn’t vary. Therefore the brand becomes more or less language neutral. And of course, there is a technical explanation for the rational mind.

Unlike a multinational brand, 4 Degrees was launched with the above ad (5 cm X 5 cm) in a local daily. They received an outstanding response to it. During the inauguration of the plant, one person confided that he did not respond to the ad thinking it must be an international company.

Strategically, the brand was placed in key tapris and corner stores to serve as visual merchandise. No advertisement of any kind was used. The brand has become a rage right on store placement. Most people don’t understand the meaning of the brand or the finer nuance. And that exactly is the cause of the buzz. People are calling in the customer support number asking about the brand, the name, its meaning, country of origin and much more. The demand today exceeds supply for the brand, and that too, in 15 days. The success of the brand(ing) has spurred the company into redrawing its strategy and goals. They want to go national soon.

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