AJIITABH DUTTA - Common Sensei

    SIMPLE. BOLD. a mathematically inclined musician, writer, management thinker, enthusiastic cook, compulsive traveler, imaginative speaker, non-disciplinary trainer, educator and many other things in between. I have over 18 years of branding experience panning durables to consumables, services to B2B products, and I lead the Strategy and delivery team. There is a lot that I love to talk about. If something goes wrong, connect right away.

    SAGAR NARSIAN - The Guide

    With over 27 years of marketing experience including leadership positions at HCL and Reliance, I have realized the importance of thinking through decisions. I teach at various management institutions and provide training services. I am a passionate creator of value based businesses. I love food, but ethics are dearer. If you need help with decisions, I am a call away.

    ASHISH HATHI - Connect

    Consulting, Brand management, channel management, advertising, rural activation, event management and PR, it has been quiet a journey. I have worked for companies like BCG, SKF Bearings, Piaggio, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Industries and O&M. I am a memory maker in life, with my camera in tow, I travel across experiences.

    ASHWANI KUMAR - iStory

    Yes of course I am a story. There is a story in all of us. I write, I compose and I use human emotions to stitch online brand experiences. Advertising and digital creatives began as a means of expression and soon became my core. If I am not working on a brand, you would find me at Film Studio penning lyrics for their next movie. Let us sit for a session!

    VICTOR MANICKAM - The Source

    I love to think. Data is my favorite game. I am a professor of Market Research and Consumer Behavior at Welingkar and also chairman of K-Education. A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss- such has been the journey thus far. I love food and cricket gets me going. The big data is here. Let us make sense of it now.


    With a degree in commercial art, I took off on a creative trail. Thinkwhynot, Lowe and many other influences polished my communication thinking. That I am a foodie and a collector has helped me connect to cultures and personalities. I have been a part of campaigns like Incredible India, and today look for a fundamental challenge in every communication. Do you have any?

    AMIITABH DUTTA - Dreamer

    I grew up in a world of imagination. My companions have been books and films. Not much of a singer though, I often challenge people onto their knowledge of music and songs. Having held leadership positions in Percept & Intelinet, I realized the importance of concept testing. I today help nascent ideas grow. I love my sleep. Another dream takes shape.

    BRAJESH PODDAR - [Space]

    I started early. Many folks yet doubt my age and I tell them I am no Shahid Afridi. At 25, I have 9 years of production experience. With my profession comes my immense interest in films and film-making. But god, when I watch a film, my only preoccupation is in understanding the production parameters. When would I really enjoy a flick?

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