Digital marketing to us is one consistent experience for a customer at every touchpoint. It is to integrate the brand into his life. Ashwani Kumar, who grew up in the domain of creatives while the digital revolution had started teleporting us, leads a team of new-age professionals in building brand stories using the digital medium. Simplicity Bit doesn’t restrict itself with metrics driven measures like PPC and social advertising. Instead we build digital ecosystems that enhance the meaningfulness of the brand.

We let the concept of the brand and its purpose define the digital usefulness.

Digital wonderland


  • Digital Assets
    • Social Media Assets
    • Branded and advocacy Platforms
    • E-commerce Platforms
    • Mobile and Web Apps
  • Digital Marketing
    • Digital creative strategy
    • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
    • Web Presence Optimization
    • Sentiment monitoring and Reputation Management
    • Analytics and Campaign efficacy measurement
    • Lead generation and management systems

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