For 18 years, Ajiitabh Dutta has been empowering brands with ideas and strategy. Under Ajiitabh, Simplicity Overhaul helps our clients with thought through and innovative strategies that shape the future direction of these brands. Simply put, we give brands and the key stakeholders an extended vision and reshape the paradigm in which the brand operates. From large brands with substantial value to SMEs creating a dent in the universe, Simplicity charts strategic paths which takes into account budgetary constraints yet are category disruptive.

Our experience ranges from consumer products, durables, toys, education marketing, foods, ready-to-eat, real estate, electronics, chemicals and ingredients, fashion, beauty, digital platforms, RTD and Pre-mixed beverages, B2B advertising, ITES and other services.

Rethink your brand


  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Re-branding strategies
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital/Social Strategy

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