Simplicity Diagnostics

Building brands is a lot like being a doctor. The right diagnostics chart the most effective treatment. Victor Manickam leads Simplicity’s research efforts. Victor has over 20 years of Market research experience and is a faculty with Welingkar…

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Simplicity Overhaul

For 18 years, Ajiitabh Dutta has been empowering brands with ideas and strategy. Under Ajiitabh, Simplicity Overhaul helps our clients with thought through and innovative strategies that shape the future direction of these brands.Simply…

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Simplicity Imagine

In a world where solution creation begins with referencing, we begin with a complete and diligent look at the problem and the human need that we address. Sometimes the solution just stares at you while you stare at the google…

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Simplicity Create

We live in a connected digital world. Beyond the needs of large value advertising campaign production, today we need audio, visual and composite content at a fair price. One of the largest issue facing clients today is production cost. Brajesh…

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Simplicity Engage

Digital marketing to us is one consistent experience for a customer at every touchpoint. It is to integrate the brand into his life. Ashwani Kumar, who grew up in the domain of creatives while the digital revolution had started teleporting…

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Simplicity Stories

Once upon a time there was a writer. And he brought many writers together. At Simplicity stories, we build content around brands and themes. These narratives weave a tale for marketers and can be used across platforms. We use potentially…

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Simplicity Skills

Simplicity Skills designs and manages new-age educational programs and ideas. Headed by Sagar Narsian, a management educator with over 25 years of experience, Simplicity Skills drives industry correlated programs and makes them relevant with…

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Simplicity Lab

At advertising companies, our fundamental task is to think. At times weird and at times impossible. But amongst those, we find a thousand possibilities of products and services. Simplicity Lab, Lead by Amiitabh Dutta, is an endeavor to utilize these…

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